Keep McIntosh Beautiful Abandoned Building Program
KMB ABP-Sign and Burned

Donations for our ABP Program are very much appreciated and this is a 100% tax deduction.

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Looking for a way to remove an abandoned building or mobile home from your property?

Keep McIntosh Beautiful may be able to help.

Dilapidated and abandoned buildings are eyesores that detract from our community’s appearance and reduce the value of the property where they are located.  They can also be unsafe and unhealthy nuisances that are locations for criminal activity.  Very often cost is the reason these derelict structures aren’t removed.

To address the problem in McIntosh County, local non-profit Keep McIntosh Beautiful offers financial assistance to owners for the demolition and removal of abandoned buildings from their property.

To qualify structures must be located in McIntosh County, be unoccupied and beyond repair. 

ABP How it Works CLICK HERE:  This is a PDF document and will open on your PC or device browser.

Have questions or want more information?  Contact Julie Sowell, KMB Executive Director, at 912-289-1083 or email

The Application form CLICK HERE: This is a PDF document and will open on your PC or device browser.