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NEW GUIDELINES for Curbside Recycling in McIntosh County (7.10.23)

The Do’s and Don’ts have changed for what can be recycled in McIntosh County in Waste Management curbside Recycling Bins, according to the July 6, 2023 Darien News. Read the article, which includes information about changes at the McIntosh County Landfill as well at recycling guidelines at The Darien News – July 6, 2023 (

The main changes are NO GLASS and FEWER PLASTIC ITEMS.

How to Recycle Right:

  • Use your green cart with the yellow lid for recycles ONLY
  • No sorting needed
  • Do not put recycles in plastic bags
  • Containers that held food should be rinsed, dried, and free of food debris

What is Accepted

  • Plastic Bottles (plastic with a neck)recycle with caps ON.
  • Metal Cans – aluminum and steel
  • Paper – clean and dry
  • Cardboard, flattened – clean and dry

As noted in the article and on the WM website, the key to recycling right is ensuring items are clean and dry.

Keep contaminates like food and liquids out of recycling. Items do not have to be washed but DO need to be rinsed out and dry before putting in your bin. 

What is NOT Accepted

*NO GLASS* This is a change from previous guidelines. >>>> CLICK HERE<<<< for another option.

  • No tangling items, such as garden hoses
  • No dirty diapers
  • No household items, such as clothes or shoes
  • No plastic bags or bagged recyclables**
  • No Medical Waste
  • No Garage Waste
  • No Plastic Wrap and Film
  • No Flexible Packages
  • No Cups with Wax or Plastic Cups
  • **NOTE:  Plastic shopping bags are the #1 item that contaminates recycling loads.

KMB Recycle Rght


Information on Plastic Recycling in Our Area.


In McIntosh County, take plastic bags and other film plastic for recycling to:

  • THE COASTAL MARKET, where the Lions Club is collecting them in a box at the front door


Items below can be recycled at drop-off points ONLY!

NexTrex Plastic What can be Recyled

Plastic Bag Box Coastal Market Darien

In Brunswick, Publix collects Plastic Bags and Foam Containers and Trays; Wal-Mart and Target all accept plastic bags.

Keep McIntosh Beautiful will make every effort to provide accurate and up to date  information on our website about recycling options in McIntosh County, as well as useful information about the McIntosh County Landfill now that it is under new management.

For general information and recycling tips, visit the Waste Management site Recycle Right® – Recycling Guide | WM

Regardless of how the situation may be changing in our county related to both recycling and waste disposal, not creating waste in the first place that has to be disposed of or recycled is part of the solution for these challenges.

REDUCE the amount of waste you produce through:

  • Reuse, repair, and donation of items to prolong their usable life

  • Limiting or eliminating the use of Single-Use plastics such as plastic water bottles, plastic shopping bags, etc.

  • Using reusable drink bottles, shopping bags, and other items


To sign up for pickup service in McIntosh County, call 912-437-6671 for help.


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