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Glass Recycling Help


Glass jars and bottles are no longer being collected in our curbside recycling bins. This is not really a bad thing, as glass breakage, which is common, can contaminate the other items in a truck’s load – paper, cardboard, metal, and plastics – making them all unfit to recycle. Collecting glass separately from other recyclables solves this problem. We don’t currently have a convenient (local) glass recycling option, which our county needs to work on.  In the meantime, you may consider donating your glass to GlassWRX, described below.

GlassWRX SC is collecting glass at two locations in Glynn County. At its one-of-a-kind plant in Beaufort, SC. Glass WRX converts the glass into a versatile pumice-like material that can be used for road surfacing, as a gravel substitute, to clean air systems and sewage treatment plants, and made into construction materials and sea walls when mixed with concrete.

The company needs all the glass it can get, and McIntosh residents are welcome – and encouraged – to take their glass to these Republic Services drop-off locations:  550 Young Lane in Brunswick and 100 Recycle Way, located behind the St Simon’s Island Farmer’s market on 200 Demere Road.

Glass WRX Bin Glynn County

Taking turns with friends and neighbors for the trip to SSI or Brunswick can make this easier.

Items accepted are clear or colored food jars and beverage bottles ONLY, free of residue. NO window glass, ceramics, dishes, or lightbulbs.

More information is in the Brunswick News article of December 2020.

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