• Chipper KMB

Chipper KMB

Christmas trees have been flying out of the fields at Webster’s Christmas Tree Farm near Darien and from other local stores selling real trees. If you have one, or know someone who does, don’t forget to recycle it into mulch during the BRING ONE FOR THE CHIPPER event Dec. 26 – Jan. 10 sponsored by KMB and Keep Georgia Beautiful Foundation. Drop off your bare tree at one of three convenient McIntosh County locations – Webster’s, Bi-Lo parking lot in Darien or at Eulonia Park. They’ll be collected and chipped into mulch thanks to the good folks at Coastal EMC!

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  • Earth Day 2017



A big Thank You! to Mark Bolton, vice president for Communications, Marketing and Economic Development at Coastal Electric Member Cooperative, speaker for KMB’s Earth Day program co-sponsored with Ashantilly Center April 22.  Mark’s informative and though-provoking talk about Solar Energy and the current and potential applications for this renewable energy source in our coastal region sparked lively questions and wide-ranging conversation touching on solar farms, solar hot water heaters and even wind power.  Keep McIntosh Beautiful provided some brochures and a list of resources for those who wanted to learn more.  Those attending also learned how to make a low-cost Outdoor Solar Light and could take home a DIY Kit to make their own light.  Instructions for the light and the other reference materials are all on the KMB our website under “Resources.”


Ashantilly Center was a great program location and provided yummy “sun-themed” refreshments.  Thanks to all who joined us and/or helped out.  Want to make every day EARTH DAY?  Check out some of the ways you can HERE.

KMB’s ANNUAL LITTER INDEX SURVEY shows continued improvement on McIntosh County roads

KMB conducted its annual Litter Index Survey in July. The survey samples the same roads and areas throughout McIntosh County and Darien each year. This year’s results showed a continuing trend toward cleaner roads since beginning the survey in 2008. On a scale of 1 to 4, with “1” being the best and “4” being the worst, the this year’s score was 1.49 compared to 1.58 last year and 1.84 the first year the survey was taken.

Thanks to everyone who is keeping our roads clean, beautiful and litter free!