Volunteers for our Adopt-A-Highway Program are Needed

Help make your neighborhood clean and beautiful today.

Volunteer for our ``Adopt-A-Highway`` program today.

Stewardship starts at home, in your neighborhood. The KMB Adopt-A-Highway Program is a community appearance-enhancement program. The idea is to create public interest and support for litter control on local roadways and streets in your community. KMB’s goal is to make McIntosh County a cleaner, greener community that will not only boost local pride but can increase tourism, improve local commerce, and attract new residents to the county. You can choose to make a difference and help assure a cleaner environment for you and your family.

Contact us at 912-289-1083 or keepmcintoshbeautiful@gmail.com for areas of greatest need if you’d like to help.  

Click here for our Information Sheet about the Adopt-A-Highway program.

Thanks to all of our great volunteers who are helping keep our roadsides clean and green.  Keep those reports coming for your quarterly pickups!   


The KMB Adopt-A-Highway Program promotes public involvement in the maintenance and/or improvement of “adopted” areas. The purpose is to preserve and protect our coastal environment in order to enhance the beauty and economic activity of McIntosh County. By engaging individuals, organizations and businesses to take greater responsibility for improving our community surroundings we can prevent litter, reduce waste and beautify McIntosh County. All major litter research studies show that litter decreases in areas where the community has taken a personal responsibility for maintaining those areas. Evidently, it is easier for some people to litter when they think that no one cares. The KMB Adopt-A-Highway Program shows that someone cares.

How to Adopt-A-Highway:

Simply download our (click to open right-click to save) Adopt-A-Highway Registration and Contract form. Print it, fill it out and mail to: Keep McIntosh Beautiful, P.O.Box 2055, Darien, GA 31305. We will contact you right away to finalize the adoption process.

Contact us at 912-289-1083 or keepmcintoshbeautiful@gmail.com for areas of greatest need if you’d like to help.  


Adoptees are to commit for a minimum of two years (24 consecutive months), pick-up trash a minimum of four times a year, submit a Pick-up Report Form for every pick-up and maintain current contact information with KMB. The Pick-up Report Form can be filled in or downloaded on our website.

Who can adopt?

Anyone can adopt; individuals, families, neighborhood groups, neighborhood organizations, civic organizations, youth groups, school groups, church groups and businesses.