The KMB Green Thumb Award is presented quarterly to a business, residence or institution, “for going above and beyond in keeping their outside premises clean and attractive” and their contribution to a clean, green and beautiful McIntosh County.  Nominations from the community are welcomed.

Green Thumb Award Past Honorees

KMB’ Fall 2018 Green Thumb Award 

Coastal Community Health Services Clinic in Shellman Bluff

The Coastal Community Health Services clinic at 6574 Shellman Bluff Rd. presents a welcoming exterior to clients and those just driving by, with it’s Lowcountry style and attractive and well-maintained grounds.

For its clean and neat appearance and simple yet effective landscape design that makes great use of the site’s existing mature trees, Keep McIntosh Beautiful is pleased to award its Green Thumb Award to the Coastal Community Health Services facility.


Historic Elm Grove Baptist Church in Meridian

The buildings have changed, but Elm Grove Baptist Church has occupied for more than 125 years the site on Ga Hwy 99 in Meridian where it is today.  Old photos show simple, well-maintained structures and premises.  Today, a clean, and neatly mowed yard, freshly mulched shrubs, and beautiful wreaths on the church doors that change with the season characterize the premises now, earning Elm Grove a Green Thumb Award.

Vann Brooks maintains the grounds and church buildings.  Rev. Jerald Thomas, the pastor of Elm Grove for 26 years, can’t say enough good things about him. “He takes great pride in what he does,” says Pastor Thomas.

Brooks also tends some of Elm Grove’s history.  In a place of honor next to the present church, are the church bell and cornerstone from the original church, which was built in 1888.

Western McIntosh County RV Park earns KMB Green Thumb Award

KMB’s newest Green Thumb Award recognizes Cathead Creek Ranch and RV Park, owned by Bill and Linda Brown, located about 3 miles west of I-95 on Cox Rd.

With white horse fencing along the front, neatly maintained buildings and acreage, along with fun touches such as a carved wooden alligator at the office entrance and signs that say “WHOA” instead of STOP, the property presents an inviting face to campers as well as other travelers along the road.  There isn’t a scrap of litter anywhere.  The impression is of a business well run and a property very well cared for.

“When people come here, they aren’t just visiting our RV park, they are visiting McIntosh County,” says Bill Brown.  “We get visitors from all over the country and all parts of the world – Germany, Canada, and recently from Sweden.  We want them to leave with a good impression of our RV park, but also of this area.”

Congratulations and THANK YOU! to the Browns for their attention to detail and their attractive property.


Palmers’ yard in Crescent 

When it comes to the yard at Maggie and Leotis Palmer’s home on Hwy 99 in Crescent, “it’s all his” says Mrs. Palmer.  And “his” yard is obviously Mr. Palmer’s pride and joy.   No matter what time of year, the yard is always meticulously maintained, clean, neat, the shrubs pruned and mulched just so, and the grass never too long or too short.   For its consistent attractiveness and the dedicated care and pride it reflects, the Palmers’ yard earns the March 2017 Keep McIntosh Beautiful Green Thumb Award.

CONGRATULATIONS to you, Mr. and Mrs. Palmer, and thank you for your contribution to a clean, green and beautiful McIntosh County.



Old Fashioned look earns historic B & B in Eulonia

McIntosh Manor Bed and Breakfast in Eulonia hasn’t changed all that much in the 100 years plus that it’s been a guest house – and that accounts for much of its charm.  Live oaks, a white rail fence, and green hedge create a pleasing buffer from traffic on Hwy 17.  Elsewhere on the grounds, a magnolia and camellias have grown large and full, as they do after many decades.  For its well-tended (but not over manicured) old-fashioned exterior McIntosh Manor earned the January 2017 Green Thumb Award.

The house was built as a boarding house in 1905 to serve people coming and going and who worked around the area, she says, and has been a guest house of some kind ever since.  Located at a central location on the stage road that connected Savannah, Darien and Brunswick, Eulonia Village as it was once called, was also a changing station where drivers got fresh horses for the rest of a journey.  As a reminder of these days, there’s still an old carriage house in the B & B’s back yard.

Congratulations to owner Sharon Townsend and her contribution to a clean, green and beautiful McIntosh County.

Rain Garden and native plants providing coastal habitat earn Linda Lamb’s residence.

Darien resident Linda Lamb recently made improvements to the front yard of her home in Tolomato Island that creates more native habitat while beautifully managing excess water that used to be a problem.  For her attractive bio-swale rain garden that moves water away while cleaning it in the process, and beautiful native plantings.

Lamb earns this month’s Green Thumb Award from Keep McIntosh Beautiful.

Congratulations Linda, and thank you for your contribution to making McIntosh greener, cleaner and even more beautiful!

A rain garden is a beautiful and effective water management solution for anyone who has a problem with standing water on their property.  The basics are simple:  create a downward flowing or ditch-like construction where water can flow away and plant it with plants that tolerate both wet and dry conditions.   Ideally, create it with several layers that slow the water down as is drains away so that contaminants are filtered out in the process.


Clean, Green landscaping improvements earn The Fish Dock at Pelican Point

The Fish Dock at Pelican Point has more than just a new name.  Along with it have come renovations to the restaurant inside and out since Charlie Phillips purchased the seafood restaurant from his father last spring.  For its refreshed and inviting entrance, courtyard garden, and other exterior features The Fish Dock has earned Keep McIntosh Beautiful’s Green Thumb Award for September.

Phillips brought in Deborah Shepherd of Florabundance Gardens to make changes to the landscaping.  “The garden complements one of the most amazing views in McIntosh County which can be seen from the deck outside the restaurant and most of the tables inside,” says Shepherd, about the restaurant’s location overlooking the Sapelo River.  “I worked with Charlie to use the existing plants and landscape features, planting hardy tropical plants like bananas, ginger lilies and elephant ears with native plants including stokes aster, scarlet sage, several different hibiscus, butterfly weed and ageratum.  We also used herbs and vegetables and a number of old fashioned flowers such as zinnias, sunflowers, celosia and cockscomb to attract butterflies and other pollinators.”

Not only are the restaurant grounds clean and free of trash, so is the marsh along the river here.  But it’s more than visual appearance that motivates Phillips to keep his property and restaurant both clean and non-polluting.  He also owns a wholesale seafood business nearby.  “Operating sustainably is very important,” he says.  “What runs off from the upland affects water quality, and that in turn affects the ability to have good, healthy seafood.  It’s all tied together.”

The law office of Samuel Oliver

The high temperatures and scant rainfall that we’ve had this summer can be challenging for maintaining an attractive landscape. Add to that the need to look good on all four sides of your property, and the challenge is even greater. The law office of Samuel Oliver in downtown Darien handles the bill nicely. A surrounding white picket fence and iron anchor accent, combined with a simple lawn and minimum landscaping give it a neat appearance no matter what the weather or time of year, earning it Keep McIntosh Beautiful’s Green Thumb Award for August.  And as a bonus, the side yard makes a great run for the Olivers’ dog Cameron and a safe area for visiting children.   Thank you, Olivers, for your contribution to a cleaner, greener McIntosh County!


Zinnias and Sunflowers earn Georgia Peach World Store in Eulonia July Green Thumb Award

The beautiful rows of zinnias and sunflowers that greet both visitors and residents just passing by their popular Georgia Peach World Store off I-95 in Eulonia, have earned it the KMB Green Thumb Award for July.   It’s a refreshing and inexpensive summer solution that’s “all about making a stop at Peach World a memorable experience,” say owners Jason and Heather Reott.  The Reotts are also baling and recycling an average of 8 tons of cardboard every three months instead of sending it to the landfill.  Good job all around, Peach World! Find them on Facebook


Georgia Peach World owners Jason and Heather Reott  (front) with employee Ken Brewer, back in the sunflowers

KMBGreenThumbJune96-ACTIONHEATAIRGREEN THUMB AWARD winner is Action Heating and Air, located on Hwy 17 in Darien and owned by Richard Bolin.  KMB thanks you for your contribution to a clean, green and beautiful McIntosh County.  Showing you can have a big impact in a compact space, this business landscape makes a positive first impression with its mass of evergreen shrubs and trees at the front of its building and overall neat appearance. Well done!

Bentts KMB with bed May 2016The Cannon Bluff home of the Randall and Delores Bentt earned the Green Thumb Award in May.  Instead of a lawn, the Bentts’s neat and well-maintained landscape is a mix of roses, small trees, palms, shrubs – many of them carefully shaped and pruned – colorful flowers in pots, a fountain, and statuary of various kinds.  Even an old iron bed frame that belonged to Delores Bentt’s mother, with pots of boxwood on the inside and vines twining up the headboard, fits in perfectly.   Congratulations and a big thank you to the Bentts for their contribution to a clean, green and beautiful McIntosh County.


Keep McIntosh Beautiful presented its first Green Thumb Award to the Darien Telephone Company. The new award program will publicly recognize a business, not-for-profit or residence in McIntosh County each month for going above and beyond in creating and maintaining clean, green, attractive premises. Darien Telephone has been beautifying Hwy 17 for many years. KMB hopes the Green Thumb Award sign along the street front has inspired other businesses to increase their own curb appeal as well. KMB Board Member Sallie Ann Marsh presented the award to Mary Lou Forsyth, DTC President.

Thanks, Darien Telephone Co., for your contribution to making McIntosh County clean, green and beautiful. You can help KMB recognize other great looking landscapes – suggestions welcomed! Contact us.